[CentOS] Browser doesnt work

Tue Oct 15 13:18:15 UTC 2019
John Hodrien <J.H.Hodrien at leeds.ac.uk>

On Tue, 15 Oct 2019, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:

> CentOS is a desktop distribution in the sense that chickens fly and horses 
> swim. Of course you can turn it into a full-blown bells-and-whistles desktop 
> by fine-tuning the configuration and adding lots of third-party stuff. I've 
> done this myself for years, here for example:
> https://www.microlinux.fr/poste-de-travail-entreprise-centos-7-kde/
> On the other hand, CentOS out of the box is a rather frustrating experience 
> on the desktop.

I've always disagreed with this view, however common it appears to be.

RHEL is sold as an Enterprise OS for Server, Cloud, Desktop, Laptop.  CentOS
surely shouldn't be seen any differently.

What is it that makes CentOS a bad desktop OS?

I can install CentOS 8 on my laptop now, with a perfectly usable desktop, and
10 years of support.  Google Chrome runs just fine, and I can use containers
via singularity on top for anything exotic.

What exactly am I missing out on by not running something else?