[CentOS] Manual partitioning and LVM

Sun Oct 20 18:18:30 UTC 2019
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <centos at plnet.rs>

On 10/20/19 7:25 PM, Kenneth Porter wrote:
> I can't seem to figure out how to partition for install. I've tried both
> CentOS 8 and 7.7 netinstalls.
> I've got 3 disks: sda (big hardware RAID array), sdb (SSD), and sdc
> (internal SD card for booting). I want to put /boot on sdc, /usr on sdb,
> and / on sda. I don't care what format is used on sdb and sdc, whatever
> will let it boot. I want LVM on sda so that I can use snapshotting for
> backups.
> I can pre-format sdb1 and sdc1 as ext4 usinga gparted live DVD. If I
> select manual partitioning, I can then label and assign those two to
> /usr and /boot. I can see sda in the drives available on the first
> detination screen but but I don't see it in the manual partitioning
> screen. So I don't see how to partition and format it as an LVM volume
> that I can mount to /.

Do you select (green "checkbox") all three disks on the first
destination screen before you enter manual partitioning?

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