[CentOS] Centos 8 hardware compatibility testing?

Wed Oct 23 07:07:55 UTC 2019
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <centos at plnet.rs>

On 10/23/19 6:03 AM, Frank Cox wrote:
> With Centos 7 and earlier I've been using the Live CD image to test new hardware (laptops etc) for compatibility.  That way I can get a desktop up and try the sound and the networking and whatnot without affecting what is already installed on the machine, and then if everything looks good I can just run the installer right from the Live CD image.
> There's no Live CD image for Centos 8, so what would be a good way to accomplish the task of testing new hardware with Centos 8 before attempting to install the operating system?

Live CD is planed but not yet produced. Until it is, I think you can add
USB and install test CentOS 8 using only that USB as disk (uncheck all
other disks).
Some RAID drivers (including JBOD/fakeraid) are missing (RHEL removed
them because of stability issues), MATE is not yet available from
regular EPEL but there is private Fedora COPR repository for it, and for
any hardware missing drivers most likely you can get them from ElRepo
repository. Search archives of this mailing list or visit Official
CentOS Facebook group for details.

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