[CentOS] ls permissions format changed in CentOS 8

Sat Oct 26 19:40:36 UTC 2019
Kenneth Porter <shiva at sewingwitch.com>

It's not a ls bug. I've stepped through the code with gdb and it looks just 
fine. At this point I think Epsilon (a 32-bit app) is corrupting the image 
of its child process in a strange way. I'm working with the author at 
Lugaru (who's very responsive) to track it down. He couldn't reproduce it 
right away. I just reproduced it on a virgin CentOS 8 image at Linode with 
utterly no modifications. I just spun up the VM, logged in, scp'd the 
Epsilon RPM, dnf installed it, and demonstrated the issue.

I extracted the formatting code from the ls source to create a short test 
program that doesn't rely on anything external like a file's actual modes. 
It's just the code that builds the string from the mode word. It looks like 
it mysteriously skips the middle of the routine for no reason when spawned 
either as a grandchild through bash or directly via whatever Epsilon uses 
to spawn a child process.

It's definitely a spooky Halloween bug!