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On 10/2/19 9:47 PM, Jonathan Billings wrote:
> On Oct 2, 2019, at 3:39 PM, Ljubomir Ljubojevic <centos at plnet.rs> wrote:
>> Richard on CentOS-devel mailing list has similar problem but suggests it
>> might be issue only with CentOS, he says he had to add the kernel line
>> to make it work.
>> Name of the tread is:
>> [CentOS-devel] Booting CentOS 8 in a VM - can't find the disk
> If you’re talking about this:
> https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-devel/2019-October/017882.html <https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-devel/2019-October/017882.html>
> … then I think it’s unlikely to be related to missing drivers for a RAID controller on a SuperMicro system.

I saw it uses Intel hdd controler so I thought it could be similar.

Here is solution for instaling CentOS 8 on Dell T610 with SAS controler
(copied from Mike Chan):


** Keyword: CentOS 8 LSI SAS2
Trying CentOS 8 on an old machine (Dell T610) but the installer can't
find disks for installation.

It turns out that the RH removed the support for LSI SAS2 controllers in
the mpt3sas driver.

I've found some articles about this, and is trying to install with
elrepo-provided DUD (driver update disk).

Will update the results and the procedure if succeeded.

At least it can serves as a warning to those with said SAS controllers.



Here's the procedure:
1. prepare a install media and a flash drive, formatted with fat32, and
copy the DUD iso file into the flash drive:
You can also use tools to create a bootable install flash drive, and use
it as the DUD drive.
No need to process the iso; just place it in the drive.

2. boot with the install media, and hit tab key in the boot menu, add
'inst.dd' to the command line, and then boot it.

3. the installer will ask for a DUD before getting into the GUI.
It will list the block devices it found, find the one with vfat - that's
your flash drive.
Then it will list DUD isos it found on the drive, enter the number of
the entry, then a "checkbox" will appear before the entry.
Enter the number again so the "checkbox" is checked with a x. Now enter
"c" to contiune.

4. If everything works, you'll have your disks visible to the installer.
Install it as usual.

5. The booting should has no problem, but DO NOT update kernel just yet.
According to the reference page, the dracut tool in RHEL / CentOS 8.0 is
bugged and will NOT include the extra driver to the updated initrd. This
will make the new kernel unbootable.
Setup network to download the patched dracut tools first, or copy it
from other computer with flash drive:
Then install them with:
rpm -Uvh (downloaded rpm files).

6. Now you can update the kernel.

In my case, I'm using the card in IT mode; the disks are not set into
RAID with the card, so only the mpt3sas DUD is required.
If you have a IR mode (RAID via the controller) configuration, you may
need the megaraid-sas DUD too.

Original post with solution:

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