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Fabian Arrotin

arrfab at centos.org
Tue Oct 8 05:57:48 UTC 2019

On 07/10/2019 17:26, Georgios wrote:
> Hello im trying to play some videos with totem on CentOS 8.
> I get the following message in the command line.
> "totem
> ** Message: 17:22:06.269: Missing plugin: gstreamer|1.0|totem|MPEG-1
> Video decoder|decoder-video/mpeg, mpegversion=(int)1,
> systemstream=(boolean)false (MPEG-1 Video decoder)
> (totem:12230): Gtk-WARNING **: 17:22:06.270: Drawing a gadget with
> negative dimensions. Did you forget to allocate a size? (node slider
> owner GtkScale)
> "
> I also get the following message.
> MPEG-4 Video (Simple Profile) decoder is required to play the file, but
> is not installed.
> Any ideas what i have to install in order to play it?
> Thanks in advance!

You'd need codecs that can't be included in upstream distribution, but
some third-party repositories (see
https://wiki.centos.org/AdditionalResources/Repositories) like RPMfusion
provide what's needed and already built for .el8 (see also their
-testing repos)

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