[CentOS] Conky on CentOS 8

Bill Maidment

bill at maidment.me
Thu Oct 24 23:11:03 UTC 2019

On 24/10/2019 11:31 pm, H Toms wrote:
> Although I would strongly recommend that you *do not* do this
> (installing fedora packages on CentOS is a bad idea) - this works:
> Download packages
> conky-1.10.8-2.fc29.i686.rpm
> imlib2-1.4.9-7.fc29.i686.rpm
> tolua++-1.0.93-24.fc29.i686.rpm
> wireless-tools-29-21.fc29.i686.rpm
> You should be able to find them on rpmfind easily enough... note that
> they are all i686! Then just "dnf install" them.
> Worked for me.

Thanks for that info. I will give this a try as this only on an 
experimental machine and it will be rebuilt when 8.1 comes out, and 
hopefully epel will be updated by then.


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