[CentOS] Stream not installing centos-release-stream

Tue Oct 22 18:27:19 UTC 2019
Rich Greenwood <rgreenwood at shastacoe.org>

It looks like anaconda isn't installing centos-release-stream when you
install CentOS 8 Stream.  I just did a minimal install through PXE and it
pulled everything from the 8-stream repository and installed the stream
versions, but didn't install centos-release-stream.  (Below is the output
of yum list \*release\* immediately after install.)  This means that it
will not get updates from stream.  Is this intentional or is this a bug?

Last metadata expiration check: 0:06:02 ago on Tue 22 Oct 2019 11:02:55 AM
Installed Packages
centos-release.x86_64                   8.0-0.1905.0.9.el8
Available Packages
centos-release.i686                     8.0-0.1905.0.9.el8
centos-release-stream.x86_64            8.0-0.1905.0.9.el8
elrepo-release.noarch                   8.0-2.el8.elrepo
epel-release.noarch                     8-5.el8

Rich Greenwood
Network Engineer
Shasta County Office of Education