[CentOS] Increase logging verbosity of saslauthd?

Thu Sep 12 02:54:52 UTC 2019
Jobst Schmalenbach <jobst at barrett.com.au>

On Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 08:36:47PM -0400, Jonathan Billings (billings at negate.org) wrote:
> On Sep 11, 2019, at 7:34 PM, Jobst Schmalenbach <jobst at barrett.com.au> wrote:
> > I have tried that as well before I asked for help, however systemd refuses to accept this as the "-d" keeps saslauthd in foreground.
> > Systemd kills the process after a minute as systemd cannot see that required PID's.
> You???ll need to also create an /etc/systemd/systemd/saslauthd.service.d/override.conf that has:
> [Service]
> Type=simple
> This shouldmake systemd leave saslauthd alone rather than waiting for it to fork.

Good idea and it does, thanks!

Logging still isn't enough, though.
Like it seems debugging some incorrect usernames still is a search in the bloody dark.

Just found a mailing list of cyrau sasl, just subscribed to it.
Sending an email to the list aafter this.

Jobst Schmalenbach
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