[CentOS] why windows 10 can't access centos samba

Thu Sep 12 18:13:41 UTC 2019
Fred Smith <fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us>

On Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 02:02:20PM +0200, Michael Schumacher wrote:
> Thursday, September 12, 2019, 11:09:36 AM, you wrote:
> q> I can access centos's samba via windows 7, but fail via windows 10. Why?
> You might want to provide your /etc/samba/smb.conf so that we can take
> a look. There are so many ways to operate Samba that it is impossible
> to help without.

You should also ensure you're not suffering a selinux blockage. I've
had that happen with Samba.


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