[CentOS] Opinions on using CR repository in production environments.

Fri Sep 13 19:16:07 UTC 2019
Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu>

On 9/12/19 3:10 PM, Gwaland wrote:
> ...
> So would you treat it as a production repository or for testing only?  Do
> we know how it's actually intended to be treated?
Well, like virtually everything else, It Depends (TM).

The first depends, for me, is how critical are the fixes relative to 
what I need in production?

So, what I do, is keep a test server running on the same hardware as my 
production servers, and update to CR on it first, making sure it reboots 
ok, since I have had the reboot not be ok on a new 7.x release (the UEFI 
vars memory overflow due to shim rebased to v15; see 
https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=15522 ).  Once I see it reboots ok, 
I test.  Since my own laptop is running CentOS 7 as well, I'll update it 
to CR for testing; nothing like living it for your daily main computer 
to tune you in to issues!

Once I'm satisfied CR is stable, then, if and only if the first depends 
is met, I'll update affected servers to CR, if the fixed issues are 
critical enough.  If they're not that critical, then I hold off until GA.

The second depends is whether there are other dependent packages I need 
that aren't yet updated.  If so, then I wait until those packages are 
ready, then update.