[CentOS] File server as host for a Windows Server VM?

Sat Sep 14 16:32:26 UTC 2019
miguel medalha <medalist at sapo.pt>

> So far you have not provided stats on server usage (cpu,ram) over a
> 24hour or 7 day 8am-5pm timeframe. So I will asume you have plenty of
> usage/performance to spare.
Yes, I do.
> Unless using SSDs when creating the VM pleae do not use dynamic disk
> allocation. MS SQL may be very intensive and you are already sharing
> resources, lets not be the i/o intensity of the expanding disk one of
> them.
The Windows VM machine would have (for now) two 1TB enterprise class 
disks in a mirror configuration exclusively available to it.
> remember SQL server is all about RAM, the more the merrier.
I can give it 24 GB or even 36 GB if needed.
> is your partition aligned?