[CentOS] CentOS7 sometimes don't detect NIC after reboot

Tue Sep 17 14:14:12 UTC 2019
Ralf Prengel <ralf.prengel at rprengel.de>

Am 17.09.2019 um 13:05 schrieb Miroslav Geisselreiter:
> I have brand new PC with this components:
> CPU Intel® Pentium G5400, LGA1151
> motherboard ASUS PRIME B360M-C
> 16 GB RAM
> HDD 2x ADATA SSD 256GB XPG GAMMIX S11, PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 (RAID1)
> NIC Intel X550-T1 Ethernet Converged Network Adapter
> I installed CentOS 7 and two NICs were detected:
> eno1 (on motherboard)
> enp1s0 (Intel X550-T1)
> When I restart the machine sometimes enp1s0 is missing. It is not 
> detected during boot. It looks like NIC card is not installed / not 
> present. After next reboot everything is fine and I do not see any 
> problems with NIC card.
> How can I avoid this problem with missing NIC? Can you help me, please?

perhaps a timing problem until the nic is up or a bios bug.