[CentOS] CentOS7 sometimes don't detect NIC after reboot

Tue Sep 17 15:34:20 UTC 2019
Ralf Prengel <ralf.prengel at rprengel.de>

Am 17.09.2019 um 16:31 schrieb Miroslav Geisselreiter:

>> Hallo,
>> perhaps a timing problem until the nic is up or a bios bug.
>> Ralf
> Thank you, Ralf. I will check if there is a new bios. If it is timing 
> problem, can I do anything to solve this?

Use a delay in the grub config to verify that the nic is active before 
For testing you can insert sleeps in the starting scripts to identify 
timing problems.
If both cards are connected with the switch does anything change when 
the cables are changed a to b and b to a?