[CentOS] [EXTERNAL] UEFI booting

Thu Sep 19 14:08:21 UTC 2019
Leroy Tennison <leroy at datavoiceint.com>

My experience with UEFI is that it is a black art.  Fought with it until a deadline forced me to non-UEFI.  In my case a drive-based UEFI partition (FAT32) was required.  See if efibootmgr is available and would help you.  I should note that, in the process. I discovered that the UEFI standard makes no provision for RAID if it is disk-based.  I would love to hear someone contradict me on that and point me to documentation on how to do it without resorting to exotic maneuvers.
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I installed my first UEFI disk yesterday. Seemed to go fine. CentOS 7.6
I then took that disk "out" of that machine and put it another machine - it
seems to not even boot.
I put the original disk back in that machine and it boots fine.

I put the UEFI disk back in the machine I built it on and it works fine.
They are similar machines either and i3 and i7.

Shouldn't that work?  Build a UEFI disk on machine A - move it to machine B?


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