[CentOS] deprecations leading up to C8

Fri Sep 20 12:49:36 UTC 2019
Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists at uni-x.org>

Am 2019-09-20 12:06, schrieb Randal, Phil:
> When I migrated our mx boxes from CentOS 5 to 7 I made the leap to 
> postfix.
> I built a test server with postfix etc on it and threw everything I
> could think of at it before going live.
> The key is, like in learning a new language, to start thinking in
> postfix terms instead of thinking in sendmail terms.

Exactly, I was about to answer the same.

Postfix has a lot of features build-in Sendmail hasn't. It is feature 
rich and actively developed. Many things you would need a milter or 
complex cf style coding for with Sendmail you can configure in Postfix 
in a simple way.

> It takes a while to 'get it' but I'm glad we made the link.
> We search, read as many people's howtos as you can (caveat - they are
> rarely 100% accurate), and test, test, test before going into
> production.

Please, forget about so call howtos or tutorials on the net. They are 
either dated, giving wrong ideas (no, you don't need a MySQL server to 
run Postfix), failing to explain why the author has done things the way 
he writes them up, or they are simply wrong / violating best practice.

Postfix has a very good documentation (compared to the one shipping with 



> Cheers,
> Phil