[CentOS] deprecations leading up to C8

Fri Sep 20 17:45:03 UTC 2019
SternData <subscribed-lists at sterndata.com>

Does that mean it's gone from the CentOS repos or just that PostFix is
the default choice?

On 9/19/19 6:04 PM, Fred Smith wrote:
> Was reading the long list of things being deprecated in the RHEL 8
> release notes t'other day, and saw my old friend sendmail on the list.
> I've stuck by her because I've learned how she likes to be stroked to
> get the best out of her, and quail at the thought of taking on a new
> MTA and having to learn it all all over again.
> But I guess I'm going to have to, soon or late, probably sooner than
> later. :(
> Can anyone point me to resources specifically for helping us ignorant
> folk in converting all the arcan-ity in sendmail.mc into something
> equivalent for Postfix?
> Thanks in advancce!
> Fred