[CentOS] Replacing sendmail with postfix

Mon Sep 23 15:14:45 UTC 2019
Paul Heinlein <heinlein at madboa.com>

On Sat, 21 Sep 2019, Kenneth Porter wrote:

> I've been doing sendmail -> MIMEDefang -> SpamAssassin/clamd and 
> then sendmail -> procmail -> SpamAssassin. Yeah, SA gets run twice, 
> once to reject scores > 10 by the milter and then again by each user 
> to incorporate their Bayes scores. I'd love to run it only once but 
> haven't invested time in figuring out how to do that. But I only 
> have a few users so it hasn't been a big enough load to worry about 
> it.

Have you considered running the SpamAssassin Milter?


It's available via EPEL. You can reject high-scoring spam during the 
SMTP transactions. It also allows per-user preferences/Bayes rules to 
run, with the caveat that a message addressed to multiple users can't 
take advantage of the per-user run. (Unlike a setup using mimedefang, 
spamass-milter can't resubmit a message for each addressee.)

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