[CentOS] How to dump/restore a CentOS 7 system

Wed Sep 25 17:08:30 UTC 2019
Styma, Robert (Nokia - US/Phoenix) <robert.styma at nokia.com>

> Hello All,
> I guess it is very common for administrative purpose, to dump and restore a
> CentOS 7 system. I usually use dump/restore commands. However, I’m having
> trouble to handle installing bootloader and creating initramfs for C7 system.
> Does anyone know a good document source that details those procedure?
> Thank you,
> Xinhuan Zheng
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I have had good luck with Clonezilla for both Linux and Windows machines.  
It boots from CD and can put the image of the system in an assortment of places.
I personally, dump to one of the large external USB drives.  
Restoring to a new disk works fine so long as the disk is of equal size or larger than
the original.