[CentOS] XRDP idle disconnect

Fri Sep 27 14:47:12 UTC 2019
Lange, Markus <M.Lange at dnb.de>


there is an option in sesman.ini called KillDisconnected. This could be
what you are looking for [1]. There is also an option called
DisconnectTimeLimit to set your custom timeout [2]. But I haven't
tested this method.

A more graceful method should be letting your desktop environment
terminate idle sessions. Once the desktop session is terminated sesman
will notice and clean up what ever it still keeps. For GNOME you may
take a look at [3].

But! be aware of data loss due to unsaved data in any programms in the
sessions and all the other ugly things that probably happen on an
ungraceful session/application termination and the amount of support
requests you might get.

best regards,

[1] ;; KillDisconnected - kill disconnected sessions
; Type: boolean
; Default: false
; if 1, true, or yes, kill session after 60 seconds

[2] ;; DisconnectedTimeLimit - when to kill idle sessions
; Type: integer
; Default: 0
; if not zero, the seconds before a disconnected session is killed
; min 60 seconds


On Fri, 2019-09-27 at 16:47 +0300, Todor Petkov wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a machine with Centos7, Plasma desktop and XRDP. Many people
> log in the machine, and then press 'X' of the rdp window, instead of
> logging off. Is there a way to automatically log off their sessions,
> similar to MS Windows setting?
> Thanks,
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