[CentOS] running init disconnects ssh session

Stephen Berg (Code 7309)

stephen.berg at nrlssc.navy.mil
Thu Sep 19 16:41:58 UTC 2019

Noticing a new behavior lately.  Logged in via sshd and ssh keys as root 
to a remote system.  When changing runlevels between multi-user or 
graphical the ssh session is disconnected.  It's not a big deal but 
annoying if I have other tasks to do on that particular system.  I've 
tried logging in as normal user, su to root and it still disconnects the 
ssh session upon either an "init 3" or "systemctl isolate 
multi-user.target" command.

Stephen Berg, IT Specialist, Ocean Sciences Division, Code 7309
Naval Research Laboratory
W:   (228) 688-5738 <- (Preferred contact)
DSN: (312) 823-5738
C:   (228) 365-0162

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