[CentOS] deprecations leading up to C8

Thu Sep 19 23:04:14 UTC 2019
Fred Smith <fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us>

Was reading the long list of things being deprecated in the RHEL 8
release notes t'other day, and saw my old friend sendmail on the list.

I've stuck by her because I've learned how she likes to be stroked to
get the best out of her, and quail at the thought of taking on a new
MTA and having to learn it all all over again.

But I guess I'm going to have to, soon or late, probably sooner than
later. :(

Can anyone point me to resources specifically for helping us ignorant
folk in converting all the arcan-ity in sendmail.mc into something
equivalent for Postfix?

Thanks in advancce!

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