[CentOS] CentOS 8 NIS

Sun Apr 12 02:50:40 UTC 2020
Mark LaPierre <marklapier at gmail.com>

On 2020-04-09 05:14, isdtor wrote:
> Nicolas Kovacs writes:
>> Le 09/04/2020 à 11:05, isdtor a écrit :
>>> NIS works fine on CentOS 8. Certainly the client side. But how it's enabled
>>> is different, check the manual. authconfig is replaced with authselect.
>> NIS "works fine" in the sense that telnet works fine.
>> :o)
> It is not our job here to second-guess implementation decisions made by others as only the people concerned are familiar with their environment's restraints and business requirements.

Yes, let me validate Mr. Kovacs comment.  I am aware of the shortcomings 
of NIS in the area of security.  Let me provide some information on the 
topography of my network and my reasoning for choosing NIS/NFS.  Perhaps 
an alternative may be suggested to meet my needs without totally 
confounding me when it comes to configuration.  I tried another solution 
some time ago but failed miserably.  Search for "nobody:nobody" in my 
transactions on this mail list from 2019/04/02.

I have a small home network, four CentOS boxes, three running CentOS 6 
at the moment.  This network is behind an ONT and an Edgerouter. 
Machine #4 is a newly constructed AMD 16 core with a set of four 2TB HDs 
that will be configured as a RAID array.  I plan to host the home 
directories of all the users on my network on the array and share them 
out to the other three machines to be auto-mounted when the user logs 
in.  I did this successfully using NIS/NFS about 20 years ago in a small 
private grade school network that I built from the scrap heap of old and 
abandoned machines, and no money, that they had on hand.

All the machines on my home network will eventually be running CentOS 8 
seeing that CentOS 6 is very near EOL.  Being that they will all be 
running the same flavor of CentOS should make configuration a bit easier.

I need a set of tools that is fairly simple to configure, by which I 
mean has complete and accurate documentation which I can find, and does 
not present impediments to future system configuration.  My hope is to 
do all the user management on the 16 core that will be hosting the raid. 
  I don't want to have to log onto all the other machines to twiddle 
bits each time I want to add a new user account.

I designed the 16 core with the intent of putting it's 
non-entertainment/educational clock cycles to work as a Monero miner.  I 
chose Monero because it is specifically resistant to ASIC implementation 
demanding excellent system CPU and GPU performance and plenty of RAM, 64 
Gb in this case.  There's no point in trying to mine Bit Coin et al. 
unless you plan to live for the 1000 years it will take to earn just one.

Now that I've bored you to tears, are there any suggestions as to what I 
should use as a replacement for NIS/NFS for sharing and mounting of 
/home directories on the other three machines on my network?  Consider 
that you are probably going to end up holding my hand in this endeavor 
so choose something that you would want to configure and use.

Choose wisely Grasshopper.

    ^ ^  Mark LaPierre
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