[CentOS] Thank You

Fri Apr 17 03:14:54 UTC 2020
david <david at daku.org>

At 07:59 PM 4/16/2020, you wrote:
>Just reaching out to say thanks to all the folks that keep CentOS,
>EPEL, this mailing list, etc running. It is probably partly due to
>having used Red Hat for over two decades, but I always have a good
>experience with CentOS. The recent servers that I have setup with
>CentOS 8 are purring along. Thanks for the work and support.


It is an absolute delight to see a posting like yours.  No questions, 
no complaints, no "you shouldn't be doing that, and no 
non-answers.  Thank you for confirming my belief that the open-source 
community is there to help.  I, too, started with RedHat Linux when 
it was 'free', converted to WhiteHat, then Centos.  I control servers 
of x86_64, Raspberry Pi, mostly on Centos 7, all for fun, not as a 
job.  I'm working on the C8....

Now, ... I haven't had as good luck with C8 s you allege.  There were 
several things I had to deal with:
- new firewall
- new mailer (sendmail -> postfix)
- new system management (systemd)
- new yum (introduction of software streams, whatever they are)

But, it keeps me busy during this lockdown time.

San Francisco