[CentOS] HPC question: torques replacement

Fri Apr 17 16:48:06 UTC 2020
Dahringer, Richard <richard.dahringer at intel.com>

Hey Valeri -
IIRC, midway (and maybe midway2?) use slurm for job scheduling.  I don't know how many of your faculty use both your nodes and midway, but maybe consolidating on to a single scheduler would be easier for them?  

(also, it's been a while ... hi! 😊 )

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Dear Experts,

I know there are many HPC (high performance computing) experts on this list. I'd like to ask your advise.

Almost two decades ago I chose to go with OpenPBS (turned down condor and other alternatives for whatever reason) for clusters and number crunchers I support for the Department at the university. It turned out to be not bad, long lived choice. At some point I smoothly migrated to torque which was advertised as open source project (based on PBS, but it was much less hassle to compile...). Torque ceased to be open source two years ago, it is proprietary now. At some point I have to migrate away from torque for this reason. One of the ways would be to switch (back) to open source PBS Pro (pbspro.org).

I wonder what other options experts would recommend. Hopefully, not too far from torque (or PBS) from user prospective.

Thanks a lot for all your advises!

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