[CentOS] libGLU.so.1

Mon Apr 27 04:09:19 UTC 2020
Timotheus Pokorra <mailinglists at tpokorra.de>

Hello Art,

 > I'm trying to download the rpm that will install this library. I do 
not see
 > it on the CentOS site. Any help would be appreciated.

Google led me here:

another way might be:
yum whatprovides libGLU.so.1

this would display:
Last metadata expiration check: 0:01:20 ago on Mon 27 Apr 2020 06:05:15 
mesa-libGLU-9.0.0-15.el8.i686 : Mesa libGLU library
Repo        : AppStream
Matched from:
Provide    : libGLU.so.1

so this should install the file:
yum install mesa-libGLU

I hope this helps,