[CentOS] C8 and backup solution

Thu Apr 2 15:32:35 UTC 2020
Alessandro Baggi <alessandro.baggi at gmail.com>

Hi list,

I'm searching a valid backup system to perform backups of 3 server, one 
local and 2 remote, and 2 linux workstation. (this number could be 
higher in future). Currently I'm testing bacula, scripted rsync with 
hardlink and borgbackup on C8.1.

Bacula works without any problem, well tested, solid but complex to 
configure. Tested on a single server (with volumes on disk) and  a full 
backup of 810gb (~150000 files) took 6,30 hours (too much). I would run 
deduplication but 1. bacula on C8 is not compiled with aligned 2. bacula 
put attention on some possibile bad scenario where deduplication could 
be a problem in losing one block that could break many files with the 
same shared block. So deduplication is secure or I should be away from it?

scripted rsync. Simple, through ssh protocol and private key. No agent 
required on target. I use file level deduplication using hardlinks. To 
perform compression and block deduplication I could use fs like zfs (not 
available from epel) or use something like stratis (I don't checked if 
it offer deduplication in this moment). Encryption could be performed on 
fs level. Using a scripted rsync is the simpler way but there is 
something that could be leaved out by me (or undiscovered error). Simple 
to restore.

BorgBackup is another solution similar to rsync in some way. It works 
like rsync through ssh but while rsync simply sends data, borg run 
deduplication, compression and encryption on place. Why is similar 
rsync? Because I need another script to run borg. It is not a complete 
solution and it works on push method and not pull like with bacula or 
rsync. If I would manage all my server from a central backup server is a 
problem, so to accomplish this I should run the borg command from the 
central server on the target server that point back to the remote 
repository (located on the central server). There is another solution 
with borg: using sshfs but is 4 time slower (too much solwer).

I have not so much experiences on backups and choosing the bad tool 
could be dangerous so I need some suggestion.

What backup solution do you suggest for my scenario?

Thank you in advance.