[CentOS] Mostly better: new C7

Fri Apr 3 19:47:13 UTC 2020
mark <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Well, I gave up, and reinstalled C7. This time, I realized I needed to 
make a software choice before the install, and did so.

My install, yesterday, was a minimal. Silly me, yesterday, after that, I 
did a groupinstall of KDE Plasma Workspaces... and it did *NOT* include 
all the dependencies to run KDE.

Having installed a KDE desktop, much is better... with one exception: I 
can't seem to find any games. I tried yum groupinstall "Games and 
Entertainment", which showed when I did group list... and was told it 
was empty.

Now what am I missing? I do have epel and rpmfusion, both free and non-free.