[CentOS] erroneous cpu thermal throttling / actually a python3 question

Sun Aug 9 19:25:48 UTC 2020
Chuck Campbell <campbell at accelinc.com>

I have a small, aircooled pc server, which is running fine, but the log 
gets filled with a series of messages saying the package, and each of 8 
cpus is throttled because of thermal issues. Then, within the same 
second according to the timestamps, it reports everything is OK and 
throttling is off. This happens once every minute.

In reality, when I try performance tests, I believe the processor is 
actually spending measurable time in the throttled condition.

I have installed lmsensors, and am monitoring temps as frequently as the 
reported throttling occurs, but I never see any high cpu temps. I see 
them vary, based on load, but never high enough to be alarmed, or to be 

I did a lot of googling, and I see some intel issues in some lenovo 
laptops, and a potential fix. I did the following:

dnf copr enable abn/throttled
dnf install -y throttled

but I get this output:
  Problem: conflicting requests
   - nothing provides python3-configparser needed by throttled0.7-1.x86_64

I have no guess what to do about this.