[CentOS] Replacement for KMail V1

Mon Aug 17 09:16:19 UTC 2020
Gary Stainburn <gary.stainburn at ringways.co.uk>

Last week my trusty Fedora 9 file and print server failed on me. Not bad 
for 12 years trusty service.

I have now replaced it with a C7 server and found that lots have changed 
in those 12 years. Thankfully many things haven't, named-chroot, dhcpd, 
etc pretty much copied across and Samba wasn't a major rewrite.

However I feel like my right arm has been chopped off.  My work life 
revolves around my emails which were in KMail version 1.x.  My first 
thought was to move to the current KMail which is version 4.x.  The 
problem is that it's cr*p.

It appears to be the same as V1, but just more up to date - perfect. 
Unfortunately it is so slow that it is completely unusable, even on a 
brand new server. As a GUI it is unusable, and functionally fails with 
connections time out etc.  Some research has found that KMail was 
stuffed as far back as V2 when they moved to using an embedded MYSQL 
engine to drive it.

What I would really like is advice on how to make KMail V4 usable. As I 
doubt that is possible can anyone please recommend a decent email client 
with good keyboard short-cuts and filtering processes.

I am currently limping along using Thunderbird but I find the lack of 
useful keystroke functions (such as next unread message, next folder 
with an unread message) annoying. Having to move my hand from keyboard 
to mouse is more exercise than I'm used to.