[CentOS] how to run CentOS 8.2 under new WSL2?

Mon Aug 17 14:47:32 UTC 2020
Dev Linux <devlinuxnc at gmail.com>

I want to run CentOS 8.2 (2004) under Windows 10 Pro (2004) that comes with

1. Is there a list of steps anywhere, that would help me download what I
need, and get CentOS 8.2 running under WSL2?
2. What would I need to download? (need direct URL - there are so many
options for CentOS 8.2 , I am confused)
3. What steps would I need to take to get this running locally on my
Windows 10 machine?

==> I don't want to run any existing CentOS available in the Windows store,
I want to roll my own
==> I don't want to run CentOS 8.2 under VirtualBox or any other
virtualization technology, just WSL2
==> I don't want to download any .zip from a previous release that is not
CentOS 8.2, ideally would like to be self-sufficient and gain the knowledge
on how to do this myself.

If anyone has actually done this with CentOS 8.2 and WSL2 and has it
working swimingly, please reply, would love to get this up and running for
a higher level of productivity, scripting and automation on my Windows dev