[CentOS] 8.2.2004 Latest yum update renders machine unbootable

Sun Aug 2 07:04:00 UTC 2020
Alessandro Baggi <alessandro.baggi at gmail.com>

Il 01/08/20 22:03, Greg Bailey ha scritto:
> On 8/1/20 6:56 AM, david wrote:
>> At 02:54 AM 8/1/2020, Alessandro Baggi wrote:
>>> Hi Johnny,
>>> thank you very much for clarification.
>>> You said that in the centos infrastructure only one server got the 
>>> problem.
>>> What are the conditions that permit the breakage? There is a particular
>>> configuration (hw/sw) case that match always the problem or it is 
>>> random?
>>> Thank you
>> I have two servers running Centos 7 on apple hardware (one mac-mini 
>> and one mac server).  They both failed to reboot a few days ago.  So 
>> perhaps whatever anti-boot bug hit Centos 8, also hit Centos 7.  I 
>> can't tell what version got updated since the system simply fails to 
>> boot.  I don't even get a grub screen. I'll have to rebuild the 
>> systems from scratch.
> You should be able to boot off of installation media into rescue mode, 
> and downgrade the grub2* and/or shim* RPMs.
> -Greg
I did the downgrade on a fresh install of c8.2 but yum said that all 
selected packages (grub2,shim...) are already to the lowest version and 
the downgrade is not possibile, ending with "nothing to do".