[CentOS] CentOS Security Advisories OVAL feed??

Wed Aug 5 16:33:22 UTC 2020
centos at niob.at <centos at niob.at>

On 05/08/2020 17:55, Johnny Hughes wrote:
>> Having said all this: maybe there is some deeper problem here, because
>> of that pattern of missing announce e-mails that correspond with
>> packages that differ in the final version number with respect to the
>> upstream package. Or is this just a coincidence?
> We understand that there are no announcements for CentOS 8 .. this (the
> modules differences) is precisely the reason why (the names do not match
> up and our scripts require that).
> We do not have the capability to announce these at the present time.
> This is something that needs an engineering solution.  Submissions welcome.
Thanks for the clarification. This explains exactly what I have seen. 
Are those scripts available somewhere? A quick search didn't turn up 
anything obvious...