[CentOS] Fixing grub/shim issue Centos 7

Fri Aug 7 18:20:10 UTC 2020
Strahil Nikolov <hunter86_bg at yahoo.com>

Hi Alessandro,

Compared to Microsoft ,  both RH and SuSE are awesome.
You  always need a patch management  strategy  with locked  repos  (spacewalk/pulp)  which can be tested on less important systems,  prior deployment on Prod.
Keep in mind that Secureboot is hard to  deploy in Virtual Environments and thus testing is not so easy.

Of course, contributing to the community was always welcomed.

Best  Regards,
Strahil Nikolov

На 7 август 2020 г. 10:40:01 GMT+03:00, Alessandro Baggi <alessandro.baggi at gmail.com> написа:
>Il 07/08/20 08:22, Johnny Hughes ha scritto:
>>> "How on earth could this have passed Q & A ?"
>Hi Johnny,
>Niki's question is spread, legit, in the thoughts in many and many
>so don't see this as an attack. Many and many users,though really "if 
>this was tested before release" and I think that many of us are 
>incredulous at what happened on CentOS and in the upstream (specially
>the upstream) but as you said CentOS inherits RHEL bugs. I'm reading 
>about many users that lost their trust in RH with the last 2 problem 
>(microcode and shim). This is bad for CentOS.
>> Well, I mean that would be a valid point if it happened for every
>> install.  The issue did not happen on every install.  There is no way
>> test every single hardware and firmware combination for every single
>> computer ever built :)
>> It would be great if things like this did not happen, but with the
>> universe of possible combinations, i am surprised it does not happen
>> more often.
>Probably many users have not updated their machines between the bug 
>release and the resolution (thanks to your fast apply in the weekend, 
>thank you) and many update their centos machines on a 2 months base (if
>not worst). I think also that many users of CentOS user base have not 
>proclamed their disappointement/the issue on this list or in other 
>channels. For example I simply updated in the wrong time.
>> We do run boot tests of every single kernel for CentOS.  The RHEL
>> runs many more tests for RHEL.  But every possible combination from
>> every vendor can't possibly be tested. Right?
>you are right but is not UEFI a standard and it shouldn't work the same
>on several vendors? I ask this because this patch broken all my uefi 
>While CentOS team could not have so much resources to run this type of 
>tests would be great to know what happened to RHEL QA (being RH giant) 
>for this release and given the partenership between CentOS and RH if
>know something more on this.....
>Thank you.
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