[CentOS] C8 - Register with Red Hat

Mon Aug 17 22:49:29 UTC 2020
Gregory P. Ennis <PoMec at PoMec.Net>

On Mon, 17 Aug 2020 17:03:24 -0500
Gregory P. Ennis wrote:

> I downloaded a Centos 8 image file :
> CentOS-8.1.1911-x86_64-dvd1.iso
> then I installed it as a kvm guest on a Centos 7 host machine.
> I installed a lot of the software; gui and server to give it a test drive.
> Nothing unusual about what I did  that I can identify.

And the message came up when you.... what?  What action do you take immediately prior to
this message appearing?

The message appears on the desktop?  Login screen?  When you open a terminal window?

I have cleaned up a lot of stuff on my C8 machines that I don't need, but on my main
computer (this one) "rpm -qa | grep subscription" gives me no output, so you might want to
"dnf remove *subscription* and see what happens.

It appears every time I do a dnf update.  I was trying to install kvm to see if I could put
a guest inside of guest.  I wanted to test kvm on Centos 8 before I put it into production.

I tried to remove subscription as above but decided to answer the question to the negative.
What appears is below.


[root at Post ~]# dnf remove *subscription*
Updating Subscription Management repositories.
Unable to read consumer identity
This system is not registered to Red Hat Subscription Management. You can use subscription-
manager to register.
Modular dependency problems:

 Problem 1: conflicting requests
  - nothing provides module(perl:5.26) needed by module perl-DBD-
 Problem 2: conflicting requests
  - nothing provides module(perl:5.26) needed by module perl-
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                                  Arch   Version           Repository  Size
 dnf-plugin-subscription-manager          x86_64 1.26.17-1.el8_2   @BaseOS     86 k
 python3-subscription-manager-rhsm        x86_64 1.26.17-1.el8_2   @BaseOS    389 k
 subscription-manager                     x86_64 1.26.17-1.el8_2   @BaseOS    4.2 M
 subscription-manager-initial-setup-addon x86_64 1.26.17-1.el8_2   @AppStream  45 k
 subscription-manager-rhsm-certificates   x86_64 1.26.17-1.el8_2   @BaseOS      0  
Removing dependent packages:
 abrt-cli                                 x86_64 2.10.9-11.el8     @AppStream   0  
 abrt-desktop                             x86_64 2.10.9-11.el8     @AppStream   0  
 initial-setup-gui                        x86_64    @AppStream  26 k
 virt-who                                 noarch 0.27.6-1.el8      @AppStream 783 k
Removing unused dependencies:
 abrt                                     x86_64 2.10.9-11.el8     @AppStream 2.7 M
 abrt-addon-ccpp                          x86_64 2.10.9-11.el8     @AppStream 355 k
 abrt-addon-coredump-helper               x86_64 2.10.9-11.el8     @AppStream  46 k
 abrt-addon-kerneloops                    x86_64 2.10.9-11.el8     @AppStream  96 k
 abrt-addon-pstoreoops                    x86_64 2.10.9-11.el8     @AppStream  18 k
 abrt-addon-vmcore                        x86_64 2.10.9-11.el8     @AppStream  45 k
 abrt-addon-xorg                          x86_64 2.10.9-11.el8     @AppStream  67 k
 abrt-dbus                                x86_64 2.10.9-11.el8     @AppStream 234 k
 abrt-gui                                 x86_64 2.10.9-11.el8     @AppStream 239 k
 abrt-gui-libs                            x86_64 2.10.9-11.el8     @AppStream  32 k
 abrt-libs                                x86_64 2.10.9-11.el8     @AppStream 101 k
 abrt-tui                                 x86_64 2.10.9-11.el8     @AppStream  44 k
 anaconda-core                            x86_64  @AppStream  11 M
 anaconda-gui                             x86_64  @AppStream 1.5 M
 anaconda-tui                             x86_64  @AppStream 375 k
 anaconda-user-help                       noarch 1:8.2.3-1.el8     @AppStream 147 k
 anaconda-widgets                         x86_64  @AppStream  95 k
 blivet-data                              noarch 1:3.1.0-21.el8_2  @AppStream 369 k
 daxctl-libs                              x86_64 67-2.el8          @BaseOS     73 k
 glade-libs                               x86_64 3.22.1-1.el8      @AppStream 2.1 M
 gnome-abrt                               x86_64 1.2.6-5.el8       @AppStream 855 k
 initial-setup                            x86_64    @AppStream 224 k
 keybinder3                               x86_64 0.3.2-4.el8       @AppStream  24 k
 langtable                                noarch 0.0.38-5.el8      @AppStream 121 k
 langtable-data                           noarch 0.0.38-5.el8      @AppStream 709 k
 libblockdev-dm                           x86_64 2.19-12.el8       @AppStream  20 k
 libblockdev-kbd                          x86_64 2.19-12.el8       @AppStream  36 k
 libblockdev-mpath                        x86_64 2.19-12.el8       @AppStream  20 k
 libblockdev-nvdimm                       x86_64 2.19-12.el8       @AppStream  24 k
 libreport-anaconda                       x86_64 2.9.5-10.el8      @AppStream  17 k
 libreport-plugin-rhtsupport              x86_64 2.9.5-10.el8      @AppStream 104 k
 libreport-plugin-ureport                 x86_64 2.9.5-10.el8      @AppStream  63 k
 libreport-rhel                           x86_64 2.9.5-10.el8      @AppStream  39 k
 libtimezonemap                           x86_64     @AppStream 6.7 M
 metacity                                 x86_64 3.28.0-1.el8      @AppStream 5.4 M
 ndctl                                    x86_64 67-2.el8          @BaseOS    305 k
 ndctl-libs                               x86_64 67-2.el8          @BaseOS    184 k
 platform-python-coverage                 x86_64 4.5.1-7.el8       @AppStream 943 k
 python3-abrt                             x86_64 2.10.9-11.el8     @AppStream  62 k
 python3-abrt-addon                       x86_64 2.10.9-11.el8     @AppStream  15 k
 python3-blivet                           noarch 1:3.1.0-21.el8_2  @AppStream 3.1 M
 python3-blockdev                         x86_64 2.19-12.el8       @AppStream  80 k
 python3-bytesize                         x86_64 1.4-3.el8         @AppStream  21 k
 python3-ethtool                          x86_64 0.14-3.el8        @BaseOS     92 k
 python3-humanize                         noarch 0.5.1-13.el8      @AppStream  42 k
 python3-iniparse                         noarch 0.4-31.el8        @anaconda  106 k
 python3-inotify                          noarch 0.9.6-13.el8      @BaseOS    243 k
 python3-kickstart                        noarch 3.16.10-1.el8     @AppStream 1.9 M
 python3-langtable                        noarch 0.0.38-5.el8      @AppStream 126 k
 python3-meh                              noarch 0.47.2-1.el8      @AppStream 283 k
 python3-meh-gui                          noarch 0.47.2-1.el8      @AppStream  24 k
 python3-ntplib                           noarch 0.3.3-10.el8      @AppStream  28 k
 python3-ordered-set                      noarch 2.0.2-4.el8       @AppStream  15 k
 python3-pid                              noarch 2.1.1-7.el8       @AppStream  33 k
 python3-productmd                        noarch 1.11-3.el8        @AppStream 241 k
 python3-pwquality                        x86_64 1.4.0-9.el8       @BaseOS     21 k
 python3-pyparted                         x86_64 1:3.11.0-13.el8   @AppStream 368 k
 python3-requests-file                    noarch 1.4.3-5.el8       @AppStream 9.4 k
 python3-requests-ftp                     noarch 0.3.1-11.el8      @AppStream  37 k
 python3-simpleline                       noarch 1.1-2.el8         @AppStream 430 k
 python3-suds                             noarch 0.7-0.8.94664ddd46a6.el8
                                                                   @AppStream 1.0 M
 rarian                                   x86_64 0.8.1-19.el8      @AppStream 363 k
 rarian-compat                            x86_64 0.8.1-19.el8      @AppStream 330 k
 rhsm-gtk                                 x86_64 1.26.17-1.el8_2   @AppStream 1.1 M
 rhsm-icons                               noarch 1.26.17-1.el8_2   @BaseOS    6.3 k
 tigervnc-server-minimal                  x86_64 1.9.0-15.el8_1    @AppStream 4.0 M
 usermode                                 x86_64 1.113-1.el8       @BaseOS    837 k
 usermode-gtk                             x86_64 1.113-1.el8       @AppStream 255 k

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