[CentOS] Laptop and NFS homedir

Wed Aug 26 14:20:29 UTC 2020
J Martin Rushton <martinrushton56 at btinternet.com>

I've been playing with OwnCloud on a home network recently and it seems 
to be handling sync traffic well.  A couple of points to make:
1) Be aware that the server and client repositories are different.  You 
can do a lot with the web interface to the server, but you'll really 
want the client for ease of use.
2) Synchronising isn't instant.  It can take a few minutes for 100+ MiB 
syncs, particularly since I was going W10 (clinet)->VM (server) ->host 

Other than the above, it's basically set-and-forget.  I can download 
photos onto the laptop, run GIMP on the C7 machine, and store the 
results on the C8 VM server quite happily.

On 26/08/2020 14:22, Richard G wrote:
> I would instead look at cloud sync clients. The open source Linux OneDrive client is pretty good these days for example.
> Of course the “cloud” end can also be on-premise using OwnCloud or NextCloud or whatever the latest cool thing is.
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