[CentOS] DVR recorder how to resucue files

Thu Aug 27 11:07:24 UTC 2020
ralf.prengel at comline.de <ralf.prengel at comline.de>

It looks like you've backuped an entire disk that might contain partitions.
So first check if you have partitions inside:

sudo fdisk -lu save.dd

If you have partitions inside, use the start offset of the partition to create a loopback device (e.g. a partition starts at 56):

sudo losetup -o $((56*512)) /dev/loop0 save.dd

Now you should be able to use the partition. First check and than mount it:

sudo fsck -fv /dev/loop0
sudo mount /dev/loop0 /mnt


no partions are shown with dd.
Found an article that some DVR vendors are using their own filesystems.
I think that I ve no chane in this case to rescue anything.
Thanks for all hints.

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