[CentOS] CentOS 7, as a 6in4 server

Wed Dec 2 10:05:11 UTC 2020
Roberto Ragusa <mail at robertoragusa.it>

On 12/2/20 10:02 AM, Walter H. wrote:
> On 02.12.2020 09:16, Roberto Ragusa wrote:

>> but you have 3 different networks,
> yes, my own network at home, the network of the tunnel, and public the network where the VPS is part of;
>> shouldn't you just configure routing instead of using proxy_ndp?
> without these the following   is not possible,   -> Destination host unreachable
> ping6  homeprefix::1
> ping6 tunnelprefix::2
> ping6 tunnelprefix::1   (the sit1 device of the server itself)
If I understand correctly your hoster has assigned you 3 subnetworks
but it is not routing them to your VPS, it just expects your VPS to use
them on its interface.
In this case, yes, you need proxy_ndp, and if there is a way to avoid enumerating
each IP I would be interested to know.

If instead tunnelprefix and homeprefix were just externally routed to serverprefix::1
everything would be simpler, but that is not under your control, I assume.


    Roberto Ragusa    mail at robertoragusa.it