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Wed Dec 9 12:54:04 UTC 2020
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <centos at plnet.rs>

On 12/9/20 12:01 AM, Matthew Miller wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 08, 2020 at 11:28:58AM -0600, Johnny Hughes wrote:
>>> Am I the only one to perceive CentOS/RedHat team members responses as quite arrogant?
>> I am sorry you feel that way.  I was trying to help.  Red Hat has
> Yeah, um, if I'm coming across as arrogant, I apologize. I genuinely think
> this is overall a good thing, and I'm hoping some of y'all will see some of
> that. I realize my excitement might not be completely catching at first.
> But Johnny is easily in the running for "least arrogant person I know", and
> has demonstrated that consistantly for years and years, as anyone who has
> followed CentOS regularly will attest. So, c'mon, let's please not take this
> there.

I do not see you or anyone else as arrogant. Any harsh words, especially
from Johnny can be attributed to frustration of not getting his view
across, and I do not fault him for that.

But harsh fact remains that CentOS Linux, a free clone of RHEL, is being
slaughtered, and as far as I am concerned that "Stream" thingy can be
renamed to RHEL Stream because it has no resemblance to CentOS Linux I
know and love.

CentOS Community wants free clone of stable and respected RHEL. That is
only thing that we can use to compete with Debian/Ubuntu which have
vanila kernel (it takes long text to explain to people what RHEL kernel
is or is not), proprietary/non-GPL drivers, codecs and apps Red Hat does
not want to add to RHEL, EPEL or Fedora. Majority of Linux users does
not want to bother with 3rd paraty repositories, convoluted ways to add
some things (that sometimes clash with base packages), etc. That is why
CentOS or even Fedora was never accepted as Desktop/Laptop, and I am
loosing desire to fight for CentOS's place under the sun.

I was actually planing to convert several C6 and C7 servers to C8, and
now I am happy I did not waste my time on it.
I even wanted to lobby to move servers of Mensa Serbia to CentOS (8),
but those are now DEFINITELY going to be all Debian which my co-admin
wishes, and it will be place where I will start learning Debian way in
preparation for "Day of Sorrow" in 12 months.

So with "CentOS Linux" gone, it is either some other clone (which will
take a lot of fate I do not have at the moment) like Springdale or newly
started Rocky Linux, or Debian Stable

Ljubomir Ljubojevic
(Love is in the Air)
PL Computers
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