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Wed Dec 9 14:05:30 UTC 2020
Scott Robbins <scottro11 at gmail.com>

> Am 08.12.20 um 19:20 schrieb Alan Mead:
> > On 12/8/2020 11:28 AM, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> > > I have been doing this for 17 years. I would continue doing for 17
> > > more.  But it is what it is and wishing for it to be different is not
> > > going to happen.  I know .. I've tried.
> > 
> > We owe everyone who worked on CentOS a big thank you.

Yes, we do. Let's not forget that. 
> > I shudder to imagine a world where Oracle Linux replaces CentOS.
Who knows? Amazon may see this as another opportunity and in 5
years Amazon Linux will be the standard. Or Ubuntu, with its use of ZFS
rather than playing again with btrfs--RH dropped that, but now it's the
default in Fedora, so it may make a reappearance.

It had a good long run. Or maybe stream's differences will be minimal, and
almost nothing will change.  

Regardless, let's not forget that we *do* owe everyone who worked on CentOS
lots of thanks.  (Though my current job is a FreeBSD shop, we have some
things on CentOS that have packages for Linux but not FreeBSD.)

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