[CentOS] CentOS Stream from bottom works, what is this?

Wed Dec 9 16:03:42 UTC 2020
Laack, Andrea P <Andrea.Laack at BSWHealth.org>

The companies that pay for RHEL licenses for production and use CentOS for test will be left with a large problem.  They will either need to purchase double the number of RHEL licenses and switch to RHEL for testing or go to another distribution.  RHEL + 1 will not work for testing application compatibility with patches.

No company will want to pay double the amount they are currently paying for RHEL licenses.  This is not even addressing the cost and time it will take to switch over all the test servers.  

This will cost Red Hat credibility with major companies that they might never recover from.  This will cost Red Hat major business.

I will be recommending that my company change to Oracle Linux 8, instead of upgrading to RHEL 8.  We will get the same model we are currently using,  Paid support for production and free for test servers.


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On 12/9/20 8:41 AM, Walter H. wrote:
> Hello,
> I just tried installing a VM from the stream ISO and it worked;
> the only thing I would like to have changed as a default config is
> GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=".... net.ifnames=0 ..."
> the reason, I find eth0, eth1, eth2 easier to use than cryptic names 
> like ens33 or ens0p3 or so;
> Walter
> p.s. can someone tell in as short as possible what this CentOS Stream 
> is in comparison to CentOS 8?

CentOS Stream is built from the currently released RHEL Source Code + 0.1

So if RHEL 8.3 is released .. Stream is the Source Code (built) that will become 8.4 in a few months.
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