[CentOS] The conclusio: CentOS is dead

Fri Dec 11 21:10:00 UTC 2020
Victor Pereira <victor.pereira at unix.cl>

Dear, I think we are all in the same position and situation and I do not
think it is time to cry over spilled milk, now and without putting hands in
favor of RedHat, to which I no longer believe anything, we have to move on
and support the Community initiatives that are appearing and that I believe
will come with the same strength and spirit of our deceased CentOS.

On Fri, Dec 11, 2020 at 3:50 PM Walter H. <Walter.H at mathemainzel.info>

> Why?
> it is called "rolling release" and no one gave officially a statement to
> the question I asked,
> if it is meant like that of Win10 ...
> a beta release is not the same that many expect as a stable system, as
> they are used to have with CentOS;
> you should think of renaming CentOS to something different, because with
> Enterprise this CentOS Stream has nothing in common;
> and does Redhat really expect everone - even private people - afford a
> RHEL subscription¹ just to have a stable system?
> ¹ I would in case I only need just one RHEL subscription for ALL my
> private used VMs (including the ones hosted in internet as VPS)
> - a DNS server
> - a proxy server (squid)
> - a mail server (mail store - cyrus-imapd)
> - a mail server (mail router f. outgoing mails)
> - a mail server (mail scanner f. incoming mails with SpamAssassin and
> ClamAV)
> - a 2nd proxy server (squid, with SSL interception and Squidclamav plus
> ClamAV)
> - a web server (apache)
> - a jump host
> - a 6in4 router
> - desktop with graphical UI (plus Firefox and Thunderbird) is a now a
> SL, but they decided several time ago,
>    not to do their own system based on RHEL, they use CentOS, that is
> now a little bit bad for this/SL's use case;
> - a VPS with OpenVPN (used with my smartphone)
> - a VPS with a proxy (squid, to avoid censorship due to geolocation
> blocking)
> - a VPS as the other end of 6in4
> - a VPS with storage of my own files
>    (all VPS run a bind, too)
> Thanks for read;
> Walter
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