[CentOS] Announcing Open-sourced & Community-Driven RHEL Fork by CloudLinux

Sun Dec 13 19:36:30 UTC 2020
Nikolaos Milas <nmilas at noa.gr>

On 13/12/2020 1:05 μ.μ., Ljubomir Ljubojevic wrote:

> Just an update, name of the project will be "Lenix", and I missedin
> announcement that unlike CentOS they plan to publish all the build tools
> and environment so other clones can be built even if they stray, a very
> commendable approach.

Sounds great!

It comes to mind that if Lenix and RockyLinux (and possibly other major 
forces) could merge and join efforts as a common project, the project 
could gain tremendous momentum very fast.

As was earlier mentioned, it is not easy to maintain such projects in 
the long term (despite goodwill), so joining forces would be quite safer 
for both the projects and the community, while it would also keep the 
community more focused, avoiding to disperse in multiple distros.

In any case, this is the kind of projects we would want to see, rather 
than large corporations' clones like OL.

And what I like is that there is so much energy in the CentOS community, 
that so important new projects are being announced in day zero after 
CentOS suicidal turn to Stream.

I am very confident that CentOS will live and prosper, but with a 
different name! (Unless IBM/RH **immediately** withdraw their announced 
plans and course of action.)