[CentOS] I'm looking forward to the future of CentOS Stream

Sun Dec 13 20:02:38 UTC 2020
John R. Dennison <jrd at gerdesas.com>

On Sun, Dec 13, 2020 at 11:56:05AM -0800, Gordon Messmer wrote:
> Your memory is still rusty.  Early accusations were that this would impact
> developers (such as Oracle) who were adding additional patches to the
> kernel, or other maintenance.  It never impacted "clones" like CentOS at
> all.

And you're incorrect; CentOS publishes a centosplus kernel that was
impacted to some extent by the kernel tarball changes I believe.

There are no absolutes in life, saying "never impacted" is almost surely
untrue for at least one group of people.

"I'm sorry but our engineers do not have phones."
As stated by a Network Solutions Customer Service representative when asked to
be put through to an engineer.
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