[CentOS] What are the differences between CentOS Linux and CentOS Stream?

Tue Dec 15 17:22:00 UTC 2020
Phil Perry <pperry at elrepo.org>

On 15/12/2020 17:13, Matthew Miller wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 15, 2020 at 05:09:39PM +0000, Bernstein, Noam CIV USN NRL (6393) Washington DC (USA) via CentOS wrote:
>>> 3. 'dnf downgrade foo' doesn't work as only latest/one copy of each package in Stream repository so no opportunity to downgrade/roll back broken packages.
>> Really? I hadn't appreciated that.  How does one the contribute back to RH/the community by checking at what point something broke?
> I don't know the answer here but it's a good point to raise. In Fedora, we
> don't keep all updates on our mirrors either, but we _do_ make them
> accessible forever from our build system
> (https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/), and there's a command-line tool for
> easily pulling the packages from a build.

No disrespect Matthew, but this isn't fedora. On Enterprise Linux 
systems users expect long-established tools like 'yum/dnf downgrade' to 
just work, and when they don't, that's something that needs fixing. 
Users should not be expected to go rooting around on build systems 
trying to find old copies of packages to fix things that shouldn't have 
broken in the first place.