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Wed Dec 16 22:50:32 UTC 2020
Nate Duehr <nate at denverpilot.com>

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From: "Rainer Duffner" <rainer at ultra-secure.de>

>So, you will quickly be back to square one, unless you want to run stuff like Debian or Ubuntu, which are mainly Linux-kernel+some stuff nowadays, whereas RHEL + CentOS forms a complete system (with additional software that RedHat has developed or acquired over the years).

Been reading along and literally laughed out loud at this silliness.

The vast majority of that "system" was unavailable to CentOS, always, 
and WAS the "compromise" in running it.

Stuff like beating your head against getting Satellite running, or 
realizing RH hid away the meta-data from CentOS users to know what a 
security update was, versus a feature or bugfix, which went against what 
RHEL itself was SUPPOSED to do, but never really did... and couldn't 
control massive upstream ABI, API, or feature changes throughout the 
lifespan of the promised "support", even for paid RHEL.

This is definitely not true for most CentOS users and is hilarious.  
What "system"?  It NEVER existed on CentOS.  Can't even get patch 
management software to mesh up verion numbers between RHEL and CentOS.

We "put up with it all" for exactly one reason. It was a binary 
compatible re-spin of RHEL without closed/proprietary things.  That's 

The rest is just noise.  If it isn't a re-spin anymore... well, we'll 
"put up with" other oddities of projects that don't reverse their 
multi-year commitments to support things, and even stop having to 
"fight" with years-old packages.

The IT world wants "rolling" OSes and perma-garbage always-broken 
releases today, apparently.

Our first company meeting about who we dump CentOS for was this morning. 
  Flipping architectures is a year long project at least, so we're out.  
Didn't announce alternatives THE DAY IT WAS KILLED, we can't be bothered 

We literally don't have the time with piles of other commerical and 
cloud services following suit and capitalizing on WFH and everything 
else about Covid.  We already literally have to "fire" our firewall/VPN 
vendor for doing it, we're extremely annoyed with both Google and 
Microsoft and their changes, and we already have the continuous 
nightmare of literally EVERYONE releasing so many critical security bugs 
constantly and patching ramping toward daily... that everybody who makes 
that harder is flipped the bird and summarily tossed.

The good news: Covid business model changes at least highlighted who 
we're firing faster than any hemming and hawing as things deteriorate 
for years on any platform we use.  Whoever is reaching into our (not 
very deep) pockets will lose a hand this year, we have lost our patience 
for it.

RH and the so-called "CentOS Board" (majority of RedHat people) lost 
touch with what companies are already going through with multiple 
vendors bumping prices and lowering services.  Flipping distros will 
ultimately seem tame this year for corporate users.  We may have to 
switch entire cloud platforms and services to avoid the ultra-greedy 
companies.  But annoy us this year, we have zero patience.  We're done 
with it.

DUMP.  BYE.  You ticked us off in a long line of companies we have doing 
that.  Horrible timing for RH, but they'll survive on government graft 
and large contracts.  Go Big Blue.