[CentOS] CentOS 8 future

Thu Dec 17 16:34:22 UTC 2020
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 12/16/20 6:07 PM, Peter Eckel wrote:
> Hi Johnny, 
>> $250K is not even close.  That is one employee, when you also take into
>> account unemployment insurance, HR, medical insurance etc.  now multiply
>> that by 8.  Now, outfit those 8 employees to work from home .. all over
>> the world, different countries, different laws.
>> .. THEN buy 30 machines minimum (servers, not workstations) for
>> building and testing, buy a service contract for those 30 machines, host
>> the bandwidth required to sync out to 600 worldwide servers.
>> We need all the CI machines .. that is a bunch of blade servers for
>> that.  They need service contacts too.
> I don't doubt your numbers, they sound perfectly reasonable to me. 
> On the other hand: How many of the employees will be laid off or reallocated now that CentOS point releases are no longer published? How many of the servers will be shut down, how many service contracts will be cancelled? What's your estimate of the reduction in bandwidth that will be saved by replacing point releases by a stream of releases with more frequent updates?


CentOS Linux 7 will be fully supported until the scheduled EOL in 2024
and the current employees working on CentOS Linux will continue to work
with the CPE team on CentOS Stream and other projects.