[CentOS] Questions about Stream

Thu Dec 17 21:14:19 UTC 2020
Leon Fauster <leonfauster at googlemail.com>

Am 17.12.20 um 21:13 schrieb Johnny Hughes:
> On 12/17/20 12:11 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:
>> On Thu, Dec 17, 2020 at 03:26:50PM +0300, Andrey wrote:
>>> Consider the scenario: a bug or security issue found in both Stream
>>> and current RHEL. It was fixed in RHEL in a few days. How fast it
>>> will be fixed in Stream? Obviously, it needs some time to port the
>>> fix to newer version of package. Days or months?
>> I think you're pre-supposing that many packages in Stream will be ahead of
>> RHEL. That's not the case. In most situations here, the package version in
>> Stream will be identical to the one in RHEL. In cases where Stream is ahead,
>> in some cases the security fix will be include moving the RHEL package ahead
>> as well to match. In cases where that's too big of a change, the Stream
>> package will still need to be updated so that a regression doesn't happen in
>> the next RHEL minor.
> Adding to Matthew's point .. My reply was for things that are different
> (as that is what you initially asked).  Some things will be and others
> will not be.
> But also on the positive side.. Many times though IF a Stream package is
> newer, the upstream project that maintains the newer code will have
> already rolled in the change (think a re-base of Gnome, LibreOffice or
> some other package set). So there may be times when security fixes
> actually happen first in Stream.  That will not be the goal or the
> default situation, but it will from time to time happen on a re-base of
> packages.

corresponding to Matthew's point; when the sec fix must be incorporated
into stream before the next point release, when will this happen?
X day/weeks after RHELx.n RHSA or short before RHELx.n+1?