[CentOS] Sound/missing sof firmware in CentOS since 8.4

Tue Dec 22 23:56:49 UTC 2020
Kay Schenk <kay.schenk at gmail.com>

Hell again --

I finally fixed my no sound with no firmware issue for my built-in Intel 
controlled speakers. I'm running on Stream 8 now. DNF was NOT picking up 
the two alsa packs I needed from -- 
http://mirror.datto.com/CentOS/8-stream/BaseOS/x86_64/os/Packages/ (just 
a random mirror)

But there they were...




So I downloaded the rpms and installed with dnf using

dnf --allowerasing install (path to 


This kept my existing alsa main in tact and just added the firmware files.

Now on to other issues -- playing .wav files without benefit of GUI.

On 12/21/20 10:08 AM, Kay Schenk wrote:

> Hello all --
> I switched to Stream yesterday hoping it would fix some issues I'd 
> been having with CentOS 8.4 but alas it did not.
> I started out installing 8.2, maybe kernel 4.18.0 -147?, on my laptop 
> about 2 months or so ago and the sound worked fine. Now, it does not. 
> I seem to be running into this problem...
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1772498
> I have located the rpm for this SOF package but as it states in this 
> link, it can NOT be installed with my current alsa version. Thoughts? 
> Guidance?
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