[CentOS] Disk choice for workstation ?

Sun Dec 27 03:58:56 UTC 2020
Anthony K <akcentos at anroet.com>

On 27/12/20 7:20 am, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
> Hi,
> My workstation is currently equipped with a pair of Western Digital Red 1 TB
> SATA disks in a software RAID 1 setup.
> Some stuff like working with virtual machines is a bit slow, so I'm thinking
> about replacing the disks by SSD.
I noticed tremendous improvement when I migrated my VM QCOW2 discs to a 
Crucial MX500 1TB drive.  Previously, they were on a HGST Travelstar 
1.5TB drive spinning at 5400rpm.

You'd get better performance if you stripe set as opposed to a mirror 
set on that spinning silicon.


When I noticed this improvement, I starting digging up on why the marked 
improvement.  During my k8s setup, I recall measuring IOPS using FIO [0] 
in order to ensure ETCD functioned appropriately. When I measured IOPS 
on my 1.5TB drive, it recorded a value of 37 IOPS.  With the MX500, that 
number is 1092 IOPS.